Sometimes we only have a few minutes to make a healthy meal. After dance practice, rehearsal and other activities with the kids, it can be challenging to make a quick, healthy meal that my kids will actually eat. We use Engine 2 Brand products all the time in our house. Here is a look at a quick meal we made using products from Engine 2 and Whole Foods 365 brands!



  1. Cook the frozen rice medley in a skillet over medium/high heat with the frozen mushrooms.
  2. While the mushrooms and rice are cooking, put the plant strong burgers in the toaster oven (5-7 minutes) or microwave (if in a hurry) per the directions.
  3. While both are cooking, cut a fresh avocado and tomato to dress the burger when it’s done.
  4. OPTIONAL – Steam or microwave yourself a nice side of green beans…fresh or frozen.
  5. Add a condiment/garnish of your choice to the burger (we used pickles) and a slice of plant-based Daiya cheese

As an added tip, you can put some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos on the rice to increase the flavor for the kids! By using quality frozen products and heating them up the right way for a balanced warming, you will have a great meal in no time that you and your family will love! Thanks for watching everyone! Keep going that extra mile for your family!

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