I love to make things that you might not traditionally associate as “vegan” and making them taste darn good! When I made this Vegan Grilled Cheese with Avocado for my pregnant wife, she flipped out at how great it tasted. She literally figured out how to make it herself and made it for her lunch the following two days after she first tried it. She CRAVED it! I was happy to make my lady super happy and hope you will make yours happy too!

This is an easy vegan meal your plant-based family will love, but remember, you want to try to stick to whole food, plant-based meals as much as possible. Make this one a treat every now and then.


  • Vegan, non-dairy, organic tomato soup (that you can use for dipping)
  • Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • Daiya Cheddar Style Slices
  • Earth Balance Soy-Free Butter
  • 1 organic onion
  • 1 large organic tomato or a small box of organic cherry tomatoes
  • 2 avocados for slicing


  1. Warm your tomato soup in a soup bowl (no microwave if you can help it)
  2. Melt about two tablespoons of butter for painting
  3. Paint your first slice of bread with butter
  4. Flip the bread over and place your first slice of cheese, some sliced onions and then sliced tomatoes
  5. Heat up your skillet to medium and place the bread on the skillet, butter side down, with the ingredients above on top. You want to cook for three to four minutes per side.
  6. Cut you avocado and slice long so you can place them on top of the piece on the skillet
  7. Place the avocado on the slice of bread that is on the skillet and then place another slice of cheese on top
  8. Give it a flip! After three or four minutes, take it off and slice in half and enjoy with your tomato soup!
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