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She works all year for your family. Every day is for someone else. She is an all-star that sometimes has the most thankless of jobs. She is simply known as “mom” to everyone and if you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, you know that her special day comes in May. You simply have to make it awesome, but you aren’t sure how. Making Mom’s day magnificent doesn’t have to include the purchasing of a gift, but it does have to include lots of love. In our family, our special way of showing love is by making whole food, plant-based meals for each other. Almost every single Saturday morning, my wife makes her famous chocolate chip pancakes for our family, but this year, we will make a special recipe just for her, and surprise her in her bed.

Being a plant-based family has been a wonderful journey for us. When we first started to learn how to eat this way, it appeared to be a bit overwhelming. “No dairy, no eggs, no meat…what the heck are we supposed to eat?!” we would think to ourselves. However, once we began to understand that cooking for a vegan family simply required a few small adjustments to the foods we already loved, we were on our way! The centerpiece for our special Mother’s Day breakfast in bed would be our Cinnamon French Toast Crunch. This recipe is not only fun for the kids to make, but it also provides a wonderful punch of plant-based nutrition. It also satisfies a mom with a sweet tooth too!

Our french toast centerpiece will be paired with mom’s favorite cup of coffee, some fresh, local strawberries on the side, a bowl of seasonal fruit, and of course, lots of love. Your recipe doesn’t have to be difficult or elaborate. It just has to be made with love (tasting amazing is a close second). A few other great ideas for treats you can add to your mom’s breakfast in bed can include:

  • Preparing her favorite coffee and creamer with freshly ground coffee beans
  • Using real maple syrup on her special french toast
  • Making her a special fruity smoothie
  • Adding some seasonal fruit as a side to her main course
  • Letting the kids pick out a bouquet of flowers

If you are looking for some gifts for mom to go along with her breakfast, Whole Foods Market has you covered. Check out this video for a few of our favorite products that you can grab after you pick up all the yummy ingredients for your french toast:

Your family’s Mother’s Day event doesn’t have to be a big challenge to make, but it does have to be special. This is the one day out of the year that it is all about her. Everyday is Mother’s Day, but I hope that this Mother’s Day is the one that you go above and beyond for the most special lady in your life!

Photo courtesy of Cricket’s Photography

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