Healthy lifestyle. We all want to have one. Every week it seems like there is a new diet or plan to help you lose weight and get healthy, but what does “healthy” really mean? Do you focus on eating protein? Do you cut carbs? Maybe you eat like cavemen did or perhaps we sign up for a calorie-counting app on our phones. Regardless of what method you choose, the important thing is that you are trying. Deciding that you will take a journey to educate yourself on what is healthy and what isn’t will help you make informed decisions on what you put in your body…but it takes time…and that’s ok. Getting healthy is an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery, courage and making mistakes. It will take some time and effort, but your willingness to learn more and truly find your own definition of “healthy” will pay off in the long run. We all have busy lives. Many of us are over-scheduled…constantly rushing from one thing to the next. We have kids, work, extra hobbies, club memberships and we like to watch television (my favorite is The Walking Dead). Here are five simple things you can do right now to start off on the right foot:

Eat Something Raw

Raw foods are the highest in nutrients and will give you nutrition in its purest form as nature intended. Salads are a great raw food, but you can make yourself a bowl of fresh organic fruit in the morning and that will work too! If all else fails, eat a banana or apple on the go!

Do Push-ups Before You Get In The Shower

Everyone needs core strength in their lives. Try doing 25 push-ups before you get into the shower. You can do it. Even if you are on your knees and do a modified push-up…you can do it. If you can’t do 25, do five or ten and work your way up. This is an easy one and I hear actor Jamie Foxx does this too! Don’t you wanna be like Jaime Foxx?

Do Squats Before Bedtime.

Your legs house the largest muscles in your body and are just as important as your core. Before your head hits the pillow, do 25 squats. With a straight back, pretend there is an imaginary chair under your bottom and pretend to sit, but just before you hit the chair, lift yourself back up. You just did a squat!

Take A Multivitamin.

Make sure you take an organic, whole food vitamin. You might also want to look into a time-release capsule or liquid multivitamin. As long as you go by these parameters when buying a multi, you should be all set. I have another post dedicated to multivitamins. Check it out HERE.

Take Lots of Vitamin C.

Whether you take supplements in powder form, get your Vitamin C from the food you eat or from fresh, organic vegetable juice, taking Vitamin C will never hurt you. Did you know Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory? Next time you feel a cold coming on, increase your Vitamin C intake. A good way to do that would be to drink it! If you are in the Central Florida area, try a delicious cold-pressed, organic juice. There are lots in the store right now that use a high pressure systems to squeeze their juice and it is great! You will shorten your cold and lessen your chances of infection by taking lots of Vitamin C!

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