Before I start, let me say that I live in Florida and have no idea what true cold is. Well, I did live in New York for a few years and braved two and a half winters, but that is nothing compared to some of my friends living in the Northeast right now and going through some pretty frigid weather up there! My heart goes out to you, especially my friends living in NYC. This post is for you!

With all of the above being said, I still am pretty darn cold in Florida right now. It’s a chilly 50 degrees here while I write this post and a mere 30 degrees with snow in NYC. Instead of being a mean Floridian and posting some picture of me in my backyard with a jacket on while the sun is shining, I have come up with five things that really make me happy to do when it is a truly cold day. You might already do one or some of these, but one thing is guaranteed…they will make you feel good and push away any feelings of sadness or depression that can easily come along with snowy weather that forces you to stay inside all day.

Drink A Cup of Coconut Joe – I am not a huge fan of coffee, but I will admit that having a nice warm cup every now and then just tastes good. Check out all the benefits of adding some coconut to your coffee from The Coconut Mama.

Boost Your Immune System With A Snuggle – If you are like me, snuggling might not be your first instinct, but if you make the extra effort to snuggle your significant other, it might just pay off in more ways than one. You can definitely stay warm while boosting your immune system! Don’t believe me? Check this out from that shows this and many other benefits to a snuggle, nuzzle or cuddle.

Make A Cup Of Chili – Chili is without a doubt one of the best things to eat on a cold day. With rice or without, chili is the best. I love all different types of chili, but this recipe in particular from my good friends at Super Healthy Kids is a winner for me! My house literally smells like this wonderful recipe right now! If you aren’t a fan of pumpkin, here is a three-bean chili that is to die for! (photo courtesy Super Healthy Kids)

Put A Heating Pad On – My mom used to use these when I was a kid and now I have one in my house to help with a sore back from time to time. Sometimes though, it just feels good to have this thing on your back to keep you warm. We use this heating pad and it has served us really well for many years.

Hot Cocao (not  misspelled). Yes it is the second beverage out of five, but come on…everyone loves hot chocolate. Instead of using dairy milk, try using a thick, plant-based milk like cashew milk or coconut milk! Add some cacao powder to give it an extra, mega-healthy kick. The recipe that I use is from The Rising Spoon. They hit a home run with this one!

If you are braving a cold day or a cold season, I hope one or all of these things might give you an idea or two to keep you warm. Just think, summer is just around the corner. It might be hard to see the “sun” at the end of the tunnel, but it will be here soon. Start planning that summer vacation and you will be warm in no time. Hang in there good people up North! Much love from LeanGreenDad.

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