We are always thinking that breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but almost never think or plan what we’re going to eat in between meals. Sometimes we forget the importance of snacks, perhaps because we think it is only a small portion of food, but a good low-calorie snack can be affordable, satisfying and extremely nutritious to get you through your day! Every day we have multiple opportunities to eat, even when we’re not hungry. If we are hungry, we should eat. The problem is that sometimes when we get hungry we wait…and wait…and then by the time we are ready to eat, we eat way more than we should, leaving us feeling bloated and just downright stuffed. Snacks can help us stave off hunger and help us get to the next big meal. By doing this, you can avoid temptation, stay on track, and really get the most out of the food you eat. With the right snacks on hand, you will be less tempted to eat things that won’t work well for you like mega sugary sweets, salty snacks and other saturated fat-filled processed foods.

Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day Will:

  • Keep your energy levels up between the main meals
  • Stabilize your sugar stable between meals (preventing that “eat whatever is in sight” mentality)
  • Increase your metabolism

Other great things to consider while snacking include:

  • Combining your healthy snacks with a solid source of protein is always a good idea. Great examples include peanut, cashew or almond butter, soy, coconut or almond yogurt, seeds, legumes and creamy hummus.
  • Rotate your snacks between fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Keep your snacks to one or two handfuls if you are trying to watch calorie intake.
  1. Pistachios (25 pieces)
  2. Strawberry Smoothie
  3. Celery with peanut butter (and raisins for bumps on a log)
  4. Apple slices with almond butter
  5. Dried, no-sugar-added fruit
  6. Unsalted nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, macadamia) (10-15 pieces)
  7. Pumpkin chips with salsa
  8. Fresh cherries
  9. Steamed edamame
  10. Mixed nuts (1/4 cup)
  11. Dates (2 pieces)
  12. Almonds (23 pieces)
  13. Homemade frozen fruit popsicles
  14. Raw vegetables with dip any bean dip (hummus or black bean dip)
  15. Carrots, celery, cucumber, and tomatoes
  16. Fresh pineapple
  17. Tangerines
  18. Sliced red pepper with hummus
  19. Fresh Organic Cherry tomatoes
  20. Jicama slices with lemon
  21. Roasted chickpeas
  22. Kale chips
  23. Apple chips
  24. Trail mix
  25. Cashews, cashew nuts or cashews
  26. Banana ice cream
  27. Yogurt with coconut granola
  28. Fresh blueberries
  29. Wheat flour pita with black bean dip
  30. Smoothie bowl
  31. Homemade granola
  32. Homemade energy bars
  33. Peaches
  34. Fresh mango
  35. Fresh strawberries and blueberries
  36. Watermelon Smoothie
  37. Fruit salad with mint
  38. Small house salad
  39. Vegetables with guacamole
  40. Homemade apple puree
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