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Because As Busy Parents, We Need All The Help We Can Get

The Lean Green DAD™ Blog provides creative and effervescent content about food, family, and fun. Each post is aimed at achieving our mission to help passionate people, mostly parents, who have over-scheduled, busy lives to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition, fitness and overall wellness to serve as a shining example to our kids! This vegan dad is on a mission of healthy living for busy families!

How To Drink Almond Milk!

Surprise! Almond milk has sugar in it. My kids love it…especially chocolate. If you have already cut dairy from your diet, then good for you. If not, give it a try! You will love it. When you do though…remember that almond milk has sugar too, so it is...

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Fridge Organization

Sometimes our fridge can get out of hand and this video is a little reminder to clean it! I almost didn’t post this video because after watching it I was like “well, duh, clean your fridge…thanks IronDAD for the AMAAAAAZING info,” but then I...

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Ultimate At-Home Workout!

I’m in pretty good shape. I like to take care of myself and be fit. When I am not training for triathlons, I don’t like to lock myself into any type of routine or exercise program. I just watch what I eat and keep working out at the top of my mind, but...

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Central Florida Veg Fest!

  If you live in Central Florida, you have to check out this very special event. The only problem with it is that it needs to be more days! The 2014 Central Florida Veg Fest is over, but you can mark your calendar for next year now. Stay tuned to their website...

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                  It is the beginning of the school year and that means that fall sports are starting. One of the fall sports of course is soccer. My son is finally old enough to try  his hand at sports and told me that he...

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How To Manage A Busy Family Schedule

I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for my phone, I would be in big trouble. The primary reason that I need my phone is for my schedule. With so many things going on with my family from picking up kids from dance, soccer practice and many other things, my phone really helps to keep everything in line.

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